Specialist Anaesthetists

We are a medical practice of specialist anaesthetists. We put patients to sleep for their surgery and look after them during their operations.

About Anesthesia in Australia

Anaesthesia in Australia is administered by medical specialists, who are highly trained doctors who undergo many years of training in anaesthesia, pain management, resuscitation and the management of medical emergencies after graduating from medical school and completing internship and residency years.

Anaesthetists are specialist medical doctors who have undertaken advanced training. Australia has one of the safest anaesthetic care delivery models. This is due to world class training, which is rigorous and typically 14 years duration (university, hospital and with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthesia). Dr Anthony Singh will be constantly monitoring you throughout the procedure, and ensuring your well-being and comfort. Anaesthetists are crucial for modern surgery and essential for monitoring and preservation of life during the procedure.


What is a General Anaesthetic?

You are unconscious for the duration of the procedure. This is achieved and maintained through the use of a combination of anaesthetic medicines. Dr Anthony Singh will be with you throughout the procedure and will be constantly monitoring your condition. He will adjust the level of anaesthetic as required throughout and ensure you are as comfortable as possible during and after the procedure.

What Medications Should I Take Before Surgery?

Unless Dr Anthony Singh or the hospital/surgeon tells you otherwise, you should take your regular tablets with a small amount of water. If you are diabetic, you may receive some further specific instructions. You may have been instructed by your surgeon to stop or adjust any blood-thinning medication. Please ask if you are unsure. Please bring all your medication to hospital with you.


When Should I Stop Eating and Drinking?

It is vital for your safety that you follow these instructions. If your procedure is in the morning, you must not have anything to eat after midnight.

If your procedure is in the afternoon, please have a light breakfast before 7.30 am and do not eat or drink anything else after this time.

You may still drink small amounts of water until 2 hours before the time you are to attend the hospital.

**Children – breast milk may be given up to four hours, and clear fluids (no juice with bits in it) up to two hours prior.

When Will I Meet My Anaesthesia Team?

In most cases, you will meet Dr Anthony Singh on the day of the procedure, but he is always available to discuss your particular medical needs prior to the procedure.

What is an IV and do I Need One?

Whilst most young children often have the anaesthetic via gas and mask, it is most common for adults to need a small injection/drip. This is usually the safest way for adults. If you have a particular anxiety about this, please make this known to Dr Anthony Singh or the admission nurses, as there are things that can be done to help with this, including numbing cream.

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