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We are a medical practice of specialist anaesthetists. We put patients to sleep for their surgery and look after them while they have operations.

Solutions for Surgeons

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Working with Qualified Anaesthetist will ensure you have:

For your initial visit, please make sure to bring following:

• Less day of surgery cancellations
• Minimised postoperative morbidity and mortality
• Leadership in surgical safety
• Minimised non-surgical work
• A point of difference in your field of practice
• Reduced duration of hospital stay

Download our PDFs for More Information

Please click on the links below to download treatment guidelines and other details:

  Anaesthetist Visitor’s Guide     Patient Rights and Responsibilities     Anesthesia Procedures

  Anesthesia Basics    Meet Our Anesthesia Team

  Anaesthetist Visitor’s Guide

  Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  Anesthesia Procedures

  Anesthesia Basics

  Meet Our Anesthesia Team

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